On Ramp and Off Ramp - Know The Differences

For a long time entering into the crypto space has been quite complex and lengthy as it involved several steps and involvement from multiple parties. Thus, it can be said that barriers to entry were slightly higher. The users had to go through different wallets and exchanges to learn about trading crypto assets to avoid wasting time and money on multiple transactions. Moreover, facilitating value transfer between the crypto space and the fiat ecosystem is essential to expand the value to Web 3.0.  This is where Ramps are needed.  Ramps are meant to connect the legacy financial systems to the decentralized and next–generation internet ecosystem. There are basically two types of Crypto Ramps – On and Off Ramps.

What Is An On-Ramp?

The Crypto On–Ramp refers to the exchange or similar service where fiat money is offered in return for cryptocurrency. Thus, it can be explained as a system that allows economic value to flow from fiat to crypto assets. As a result, it involves a series of steps by which users can exchange fiat for crypto. 

To be involved in the crypto – ramp the first step is to simply buy some crypto assets as this is when the trade of fiat for digital assets would take place. On–ramp is seen as a modern way to enter the crypto space. It need not be a single and unified platform; this experience has been improvised and enhanced over the last few years. Through On – ramping the `users can perform the task in a simplified, and straightforward manner using DApp.

The common On–Ramp is the cryptocurrency ATM where users deposit cash and receive digital assets in return for the fiat currency.  However, presently there are limited assets to offer so On –ramping would not be a hassle.

What Is An Off-Ramp?

Crypto Off–Ramp is the exact opposite of Crypto On-Ramp. Thus, it is a mechanism through which users allow the flow of economic value back from crypto assets to fiat money. As a result, this mechanism acts as a bridge that allows users to cash out of crypto assets. The Crypto Off–Ramp is becoming increasingly popular due to its end–to–end solutions for exchanging cryptocurrencies for fiat money. 

The Crypto ATMs and exchanges usually are On–Ramps but at times they have used an Off –Ramps too. However, there may be some limit set for moving asset value off-the platform in a day, week, or month. Alongside, OTC trading also goes both ways and is primarily designed for large transactions. However, this might not be relevant for small investors. The more practical solution could be allowing users to fund their payment cards using digital assets, but this may attract high fees from the users.

How Do Crypto Ramps Work?

An end–to–end crypto ramp solution is like a simplified and maximally optimize exchange that lies somewhere in between crypto and fiat, the two fundamentally separate economic paradigms. The ramping process involves the transfer of asset value from one paradigm to another. Thus, the approach it follows may require the following steps:

  • Identity Verification 
  • Compliance Checks 
  • Asset Pairing 
  • Liquidity and Reserve management 
  • Counterparty Matching 
  • Payment Processing 
  • Delivery of Funds 

The Crypto Ramps are focused on providing speed and accessibility which makes them more efficient than regular exchanges. Alongside, Crypto Ramps improves transaction efficiency by providing specialization and scalability.

Why Are On and Off Ramps Important For Web 3.0?

Both On and Off Ramps are important for eliminating the barriers to entry in the crypto ecosystem as they help to bridge the traditional and digital financial world. It allows buying digital assets/coins such as BTC (Bitcoin) with a debit or credit card making it more accessible for anyone who understands online purchases.  Similarly one can easily turn cryptocurrency back to fiat also. This form of flexibility in the transaction and transfer of value helps to eliminate uneasiness from the digital assets ecosystem.
On the extended level, the concept of Ramp can be applied to the OTC market too where the bigger institutions can rely on and perform the purchase and sale of cryptocurrency with desired liquidity. Thus, On and Off Ramps pave the way towards making Web 3.0 an attractive alternative for users and enthusiasts.

Final Words 

The concept of On and Off Ramp gets the real boost from simple yet user-friendly designs which can be easily integrated with API. This further helps to expand the reach for wallets.  Thus, developing an efficient on – and –off-ramp solution is extremely important to make the lives easier for billion of cryptocurrency users. So, make sure to partner with a trusted and experienced Web 3.0 development company that understands your project expectations and needs.