Role Of NFTs In Blockchain Gaming

Metaverse which is a popular technological innovation in recent times is mutually owned by builders and users and comprises a P2P network. It is developed on the foundation of programmability layers and trustless networks allowing it to develop an open, shared, and economic system. However, the success of this growing ecosystem is affiliated with NFTs which are paving way for Metaverse–based P2E gaming.


Role of NFTs in Blockchain Gaming 

NFTs are blockchain-based units that are known as tokens and have unique IDs linked to an underlying asset. NFT comprises software code called a smart contract. The value of Non – a Fungible Token is derived from its fundamental non–fungible nature. Similarly, the new era of digital ownership and financial inclusion has paved the way for the emergence of blockchain games with some value exchange in virtual gaming words. As a result, the NFTs when linked to blockchain games are termed as Play –To – Earn Games.

NFTs, help to create a new avenue for revenue generation for asset owners whereas smart contracts make it possible to facilitate royalty payment automatically. Thus, it opens up the possibility for infinite revenue streams and is backed by transparency and security protocols. The inclusion of NFTs in the gaming ecosystem also provides authenticity for in–game assets and decentralizes the ownership for the platform users/players.


Importance Of NFTs In Virtual Identities And Avatars

Identity is the fundamental distinguisher and helps identify entities which in turn make the characters unique. With the evolution of Metaverse the digital identities have come to enforce becoming the cornerstone for the decentralization of the metaverse ecosystem. It also allows users to control digital identities and create a reliable & scalable ecosystem for the virtual world.

Alongside, identity markets such as wearables or avatars are the essential component in the metaverse. The recent growth in the NFT Avatar industry owes a lot to its potential to overcome technical limitations and the existence of a closed gaming environment. As a result, NFT Avatars are becoming a part of mainstream gaming culture. Thus, it would not be wrong to say that the NFTs avatar industry can enjoy its full potential by designing open–world avatars that stand compatible with different platforms and virtual worlds.


NFTs Are Bringing Funding To Metaverse

The disruption of the virtual worlds (metaverse) in the digital space has fetched incredible amounts of funding. As per the reports of C insights, in the initial nine months of 2021, the ecosystem witnessed $15 billion in funding in Blockchain which was an increase of 384% from the year 2020.

Additionally, the $2B has gone towards NFT project investments in the first three quarters of 2021 alone making an unbelievable spike of 6,523% from 2022. Thus, metaverse–specific venture companies are growing prominently and creating the scope for gaming, art, sports, and digital collectibles. 


Final Words 

NFTs have taken the front seat when it comes to developing blockchain–based games.  It has added a monetary factor to the gaming ecosystem and has developed more excitement amongst game enthusiasts. Thus, blockchain gaming is largely about providing fun and creating revenue streams.  So, if developing a P2E game is on your hit list make sure to visit our team at